School Expectations & Pricing

This has been an exciting year with the move to Haddon Heights and the very real progress your children are showing in their work. As we go into fall, after a successful summer intensive, please continue to help by making sure your children are on time and dressed appropriately for class, Late comers may not be allowed into class if more than the 1st exercise is missed.

Dress codes

Girls: pink tights, black leotards, and pink ballet shoes. Hair tied up securely, no jewelry. Leg warmers or a close fitting shirt may be worn if warmth is needed. No skirts or shorts!

Boys: Black tights, white T-shirts and white ballet shoes.

Pre-ballet: Anything they want!... and ballet shoes.

Adults: Close fitting work out clothing is fine..and ballet shoes.

Pilates: please do not wear anything lose. Tights and leotards are best. Please have socks.

Modern dance: black tights over a colored leotard are ok.

No visible underwear.

It is vitally important for the studio that our young dancers observe proper hygiene and that dance clothing is always clean. We want to work happily together!

Level III students have royal blue and berry colored leotards which they may wear for modern dance. Level I students have berry leotards from last year’s concert. They may be worn to classes on Saturdays.


There is to be no junk food in the studio, nothing crumbly like chips or cookies. If your child has a long day with us, please pack something nutritious or a protein bar. Water is always ok. Absolutely no gum of any kind!


Level I: Ballet basics, 1st-3rd positions. Beginning understanding of posture and turn out. Students practice simple ballet steps which can help them grow stronger and can prepare them for the next level. 6 years old and up. Students must take 2 classes per week.

Level II-III: Continued work on posture and turn out. Addition of the 4th and 5th positions. Simple dance combinations. Students at this level must take at least 2 ballet classes each week, and at 10 years old, a Pilates Mat class may be added. Additionally, there is an introductory modern dance class . 2-4 classes per week. 9-13 years old.

Students who are aspiring to go on pointe will be evaluated individually. They must demonstrate sustainable technical strengths, and they must be 12 years old and taking at least 3 ballet classes each week.

Level IV-V: 13 and up. These dancers are prepared for more complex combinations. Classes challenge both the body and the mind. Dancers prepare for professional level work, for auditions for highly regarded summer intensives and for college conservatory programs. Note: Every Cooper River Ballet student who has auditioned for outside programs has been accepted! Students are encouraged to take as many classes as possible. At least 3 or more ballet classes with pointe each week, at least 1 modern dance class, and at least 2 Pilates Mat classes for continued core support and understanding of the body.


We will advise you of any upcoming performances that we can offer your children. You will not be expected to buy cheap, sparkly costumes from a catalog. We do not enter into competitions, so there are no competition fees, or travel expenses. Your tuition pays for simply the best training available.

Pricing Fall 2019

September 3, 2019 = December 20, 2019

1 class per week.......... $225.00 for the semester (Pre-ballet only).
2 classes per week....… $450.00
3 classes per week....... $675.00
4 classes per week....... $840.00
5 classes per week...…. $1050.00
6 or more................…. $1125.00 (best offer...unlimited classes for the advanced students)

(Prices updated for fall 2019. Please note that the semester is 15 weeks, not 14 as previously billed. If anyone is puzzled, please contact me for an explanation.)

Families with more than 1 child will receive a 15% discount on the 2nd child.

1/2 tuition is due the first day of classes, and 1/2 by October 20th. If you need to make other payment plans, please contact me and I will be happy to listen and to work with you. We accept checks, cash, and most credit cards.

If a student must miss classes due to illness or a family emergency, the student will be offered make up classes at her current level, perhaps one below, or with permission...a higher level class. Please have a doctor’s note upon returning. Classes missed for parties and social engagements may not be offered make ups. Parents, please call and let us know if your child cannot attend a scheduled class so that we do not worry that they may be lost or worse. We cherish your kids and want them always to be safe!

Learning Environment

Lastly, we have a wonderful, studio atmosphere, free of comparisons, of ‘dance moms’, of bullying of any kind. We want to keep it that way. This is about growth and furtherance. We hope your child will want to explore dance, safely, injury free, and successfully for many years!